14.04.2014 | Design

Elegant highlightsMetal attracts!

Shine in metallic looks this summer.

Blinding prospects: This Spring/Summer we have more than just a dazzling smile. Not for a long time has there been such an exquisite color trend – copper, bronze and brass are taking many design areas by storm. The metallic trend is not only apparent in interior design – Tom Dixon’s copper pendant lights, for example, have long since achieved cult status and already rank among the style icons of our time – makeup and fashion are also under the spell of the versatile shimmering nuances and their beautiful, warm reflections. Whether subtle eyeliner or striking sheens as beauty accents; whether added as a subtle gloss for spatial ambience as a counterpart to stone, marble and wood; or as a highlight in the designs of the BOSS Womenswear: this spring these glamorous tones are omnipresent. The secret of the new metallics? They can be injected into a wide variety of colors, fabrics and styles, constantly creating new, startling looks. Lovely shades of rosé with accents of copper create depth and elegance; classic business wear colors such as black, gray or navy are given a fashionable makeover. Shiny finishes jazz up an otherwise standard casual wear outfit. Modesty is key to the brilliant comeback of the metallics as they work their magic best when used sparingly. A small button, a buckle or a special accessory are enough to give the look that metallic twist.


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