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The holiday season is just around the corner and the calendar is filling up with dinner invitations, exciting parties and festive events. The end of year styling aims to finish on a high with opulent materials, superb finishes and fine workmanship combining brilliantly to give classic cuts a luxurious aura. BOSS Womenswear is celebrating the festive season with a very special selection of glamorous outfits.

The floor-length, jet-black evening gown with a softly curved silhouette and transparent neckline is set apart by an exciting lateral slit, making it a seductive eye-catcher. The classic pumps are given an extravagant twist through the use of fine leather and a golden snake application. The golden clutch in metallic grained leather is the perfect match.

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Iridescent lurex threads with an asymmetrical golden zipper make this short cardigan a real highlight. Pair it with a black handbag with fine leather and rich, golden details to ensure a grand entrance.

For those who value luxurious understatement, BOSS Womenswear has a breathtaking pantsuit with matching vest. Classic yet feminine, the wearer is bound to make a statement, whether in the office or at a dinner party later in the day. Add one of the generous Bowling Bags in amazing iridescent shades of black to aquamarine and nothing can stand in the way of a fantastic evening!

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