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Kristina BazanHer top pick for Summer 2014

Summer 2014 is all about the mysterious allure of surrealism, that wonderfully absurdist art concept that captivated the early to mid 20th century and dared to flip convention on its head. It is a collection inspired by the modern art movement highlighting illusory finishes, matte and shine fabrics and wonderfully sharp silhouettes.

Even blogger Kristina Bazan of Kayture paid homage to the collection at BOSS’ Beverly Hills store while enroute to Coachella. Her favorite pick? A sleek, cap-sleeved black and white check dress with black, strappy heels, “I really adore this outfit because it's extremely feminine, flattering and modern at the same time. It does have a retro twist to it due to the print, but it is perfectly balanced with the structure of the dress,” she muses.

To say the Geneva-based blogger beauty is busy is an understatement; she bops around the world for work from New York to Milan. One must-have for Bazan, however, is a functioning wardrobe. “I love how BOSS always manages to play on the contrast between the modern, sophisticated woman as well as adding very fresh and sexy touches that just make you want to wear the pieces right away.”

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“This BOSS Spring/Summer 2014 collection is definitely about chic and comfort at the same time and that's what I really love about it.” – Kristina Bazan

We’re flattered she takes the time to come by our Rodeo Drive store in Los Angeles, a city she will move to before the Spring/Summer 2015 fashion week season begins in September. She continues to tell us about her total look, “I'd wear this to any nice brunch with friends, for a tea break in a nice hotel, a meeting (this dress looks super chic with a blazer on, too) or just for a day of shopping. I feel like it's very versatile.” 

It is the “new versatility” indeed, a contemporary way of redefining the boundaries of everyday reality, where clothing is interchangeable and layered whether for work or play, day or night, weekday or weekend.

Before she leaves us for the musical festival in the deserts of Palm Springs, Bazan offers one last tip, “In summer, you really want to wear light materials, clothing that will float on the skin and allow ease of movement. This BOSS Spring/Summer 2014 collection is definitely about chic and comfort at the same time and that's what I really love about it – you are sure to be wearing the best quality possible.”

Guest Editor Kristina Bazan

It’s all about fashion, beauty, luxury and lifestyle at Her website is a leading international reference. Kristina has always been an admirer of the BOSS brand and has already been a part of various brand-related projects.


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