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Man Ray is back

He loved freedom and pleasure, Man Ray was meant to have said of himself. And women – added his contemporaries and the art critics. Man Ray counts as a pioneer of modern photography. And modern women were the central motif of his art. He had them all pass before his lens, from bohemian 1920s icon Kiki de Montparnasse to award winning actresses such as Catherine Deneuve in the 1960s. His surreal inventiveness, the erotic drama of his black and white compositions and his humour continue to inspire creatives all over the world today: from the Man Ray hotel room in The Exchange Hotel Amsterdam through the ‘Oh Man, it’s a Ray’ lamps by product designer Ingo Maurer to the new winter collection by BOSS Womenswear.

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Exchange Hotel Amsterdam Photo: © Arjan Benning

Man Ray's influence is evident in the collection, especially in the play of opposites, such as between hard color contrasts and soft, blurred lines in the prints, and between soft materials and precise, sharp silhouettes.

The strongly defined shift dress is set apart by a sweeping, wavy line of leather. Matt and shiny surfaces along with metallic shimmering elements combine to bring a new dynamic to the look. Alongside the blacks, whites and grays, self-confident tones of orange and cardinal red make appearances. And after years in the shadows, the waist makes a spectacular comeback. It is the eye catching, feminine centre piece around which the collection revolves and creates a confident, elegant and feminine style. It’s an image that seamlessly continues on to the accessories, such as the decidedly simple but stunning stilettos and overknees.

Tip: The exhibition "Man Ray Portraits" runs from October 28 to January 19, 2014 in the Moscow Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. It shows a major retrospective of the legendary artist's work with a focus on Ray's career in the U.S. and Paris, between 1916 and 1968. And while Man Ray's works are among the most expensive photographs in the world, we like to hang them in our wardrobe to inspire us. Click here for the BOSS Womenswear collection!


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