08.10.2013 | Fashion

ReflectionsMan Ray fashion edit

Simple and very stylish. A quick glance at BOSS Womenswear immediately brings these two adjectives to mind for the new Fall/Winter collection. It is dominated by clear lines, pure colors, and reduced patterns. Less is more. But the simple clean chic has much more to offer:

The inspiration for this collection comes from none other than the colorful American artist Man Ray who chose fashion photography as his creative experimental stage in the 1920s. His play with light and shadow, his great variety of techniques, and his surrealist Dadaistic experiments were a major contribution to the development of photography as a recognized art form.

With this background information about the source of inspiration, the collection clearly shows the influence of Man Ray's surrealist style: The perfect combination of different materials in the same color has created timeless looks which take you by surprise at second glance. The mixture of playful lightness and strict lines provides a harmony of feminine facets and androgynous gentleness while female softness complements the signs of cool toughness. Simple basics become true statement items with a touch of extravagance.

It is then very fitting that Man Ray liked to describe himself as “carefree, but not indifferent”. This quote also reflects the style of the typical BOSS woman: simple and very stylish, but not just any style – with a fantastic touch of feminine elegance. 


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