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We’ve talked to William Andrews, Fragrance Creation Team Procter & Gamble in the UK and spokesperson of the design team of the new BOSS fragrance MA VIE Pour Femme, about creating the new fragrance to complete the trilogy with BOSS Nuit Pour Femme and BOSS Jour Pour Femme.

Mr. Andrews, the testimonial for the new BOSS Fragrance MA VIE Pour Femme is Gwyneth Paltrow. Did you create the scent according to her personality or was it the other way around?
Actually, the Fragrance Design team is focused on creation of the perfume itself. The fashion house and my marketing colleagues select the testimonial – like Gwyneth Paltrow. So usually the scent comes before the muse unless, an elegant woman has inspired the perfumer! But it makes me very happy when I see the ambassador they’ve chosen because I think Gwyneth Paltrow is a superb fit for this fragrance.

What kind of special ingredients did you choose for BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme?
The idea was to have a fragrance which captures the most beautiful moments of the day, so this is a perfume that had to be optimistic, clear, elegant and feminine. For that reason there are two parts in that fragrance: the initial conceptual idea was around a cactus blossom. The perfumer thought about this beautiful white salt desert Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia with its incredible luminosity and inside this great landscape there is a small island with lots of cactus. It was enormously inspiring that such a beautiful feminine flower could exist in such a surrounding. If you smell BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme, it has a very citrus green character which reminds you of a cactus. The citrus has an incredible clarity around it, so you can almost smell the luminosity of that place.

And the second part?
The other part is a special technology molecule, called Cyclodextrin, which is a special type of sugar. It captures some of the perfume oil inside of the molecule and does not release it. But, over time, when your skin warms up and gets a little bit wet, this molecule dissolves with the water and releases some of the perfume and you can smell a fresh waft evaporating. So the perfume comes back on and on through the day which is a fantastic fit to the idea of a busy BOSS woman wanting to appreciate these little moments, which the perfume actually reactivates. This is the first women perfume where we used that technology-based natural ingredient.

BOSS is very strong in elegant business attire for women. Which ingredient smells like that style direction?
When you smell a citrus fruit, everything is sharp and edgy. When you think of business attire it has very clean lines, is beautifully fitted and elegant. That’s what citrus fruits are in a fragrance. So if you smell the new fragrance, you can smell the equivalent of a woman’s business outfit from BOSS. It’s a very clear and very simple message.

Perfumes follow the spirit of their time: In your opinion, what does a perfume smell of, to go with the style of HUGO BOSS?
If you think about the male or female perfumes of HUGO BOSS, they have to be contemporary but they also need to have a timeless perfection. BOSS tailoring is very exclusive, so the perfumes have to be very well finished, they have to be accessible luxury and they have to smell sophisticated and elegant. Ultimately, we are appealing to people who are confident and good achievers in life – these fragrances go with them on their life journey.

How do you develop new scents – how does the creative process work in general?
The perfume design process is very structured. A new scent starts in two places: The first place is pure and has an artistic study in the smell what we call an accord. And that is almost the artist’s identity of the smell, the distinctive idea. This is not linked to a brand in any way. But the creative direction always comes from the fashion house – this is the second side. Our job is to abstract the smell and put the two things together. Normally it takes two years to find a perfume from a simple form through to a finished fragrance. And there is about one more year of technical testing.

Thank you for the interview, Mr. Andrews.


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