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Despite the fact that music fans generally focus mainly on the acoustic content offered on a single or an album - to avid record collectors, as well as regular joes, the cover artwork has always played a vital role. Few things beat looking at the cover of a beloved record and immediately feeling all these evoked memories and emotions unfold… Since we obviously have a soft spot for the visual side of music, we wanted to take a glimpse at the work of two of our favourite graphic designers in this week’s HUGO Tracks feature. The Frankfurt-based graphic design studio Doeller & Satter, consisting of Sandra Doeller and Michael Satter, not only does fantastic work in the world of printed matter such as books, art catalogues, magazines, and posters, but has also been in charge of creating sublime artworks for the Live At Robert Johnson record label and the latest HUGO Tracks CD compilation. They were kind enough to answer a couple of brief questions.

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Benedikt Frey Cover © Doeller & Satter

How would you describe your work?
Simple, conceptional, focused on typography.

Do you feel that more effort is put into the artwork of physical music releases these days, as music becomes more and more digital?
In our opinion the effort someone puts into the artwork has barely changed. There has always been better and worse stuff. It is important that the cover somehow reflects the music. As these jobs have become more rare we appreciate them even more.

Michael, as you’re also a DJ: Please name three records that you somehow always find yourself playing in your sets without ever getting tired of them?
Man Friday – Love Honey, Love Heartache
Rene & Angela – I love you more
Aleem – Release Yourself (Marley Marl Dub)

Which city do you find the most inspiring and why?
There are so many cities and places that are inspiring us, e.g. Zurich for graphic design, Antwerp for fashion and Paris for anything else.

Imagine you go to a party where you are only allowed to wear three pieces of clothing - which would these be?
Black t-shirt, black jeans and black shoes.
Floral lace bodysuit, silk trousers and slippers.


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