05.11.2013 | HUGO TRACKS

Kate BoyMeeting the band!

We’ve mentioned it before: we're truly happy to be working with one of the most talented and promising acts in today's electronic pop music world: Stockholm's very own Kate Boy.

Observant HUGO-followers are already in the know of that fact that the band's voice is Australian-born Kate Akhurst, who met her Swedish band mates Hampus Nordgren Hemlin, Markus Dextegen and Oskar Sikow Engström (who had been working together as a producer collective under the moniker "Rocket Boy") on a brief trip to Stockholm in 2011. They've recorded their first track "Northern Lights" the very first night they met and Kate Boy was born. They write and produce all of their music together and converge into the shadowy androgynous figure Kate Boy.

But they're also quite interesting characters individually: Kate is a fantastic chef and cooks a mean mousaka. To her, fashion is something that should enhance your personality and feels good. Hampus is obsessed with Batman and 70's prog music. He sees fashion as a great tool to express oneself. Markus has a huge collection of late 80´s house records and his dad can hold his breath under water for nine minutes. To him, fashion is defining. Oskar loves science-fiction movies and quantum physics. He sees fashion as the perfect way to combine art and function. 

Here are a few more of their favorite things:

Song: “Heroes”, David Bowie.
Club: Berlin’s Panorama Bar.
Band: King Crimson.
Movie: "Videodrome", David Cronenberg.
Person: Brian Eno.
Don't Leave Home Without: Headphones.
Book: 50% The Visible Woman, Penelope Slinger.
Place: Swedish Archipelagos.
Drink: Basil Smash.
Food: Mexican.
Director: David Lynch.
Holiday: Midsommar.
Collection: 70s/80s Vinyls.
Comic: Batman.
Artist: Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush.
Animation: "Spirited Away", Hayao Miyazaki.
Soundtrack: "The Big Blue", Eric Serra.

Make sure to swing by at one of the gigs they will play at our HUGO Tracks Club Tour all around the world - the first happening at Club Trouw in Amsterdam on November 14th. Further dates to be announced shortly!


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