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Miami Horror are back! The former HUGO Artists are currently working on their new LP and with their first single “Real Slow”, which we introduced to you here on HUGO Tracks recently, they’ve set their stall out perfectly. That’s reason enough for us to catch up with them for a little chat about their new record, their videos and some other things… Miami Horror-mastermind Ben Plant was kind enough to answer our questions. Check out the interview below! And as HUGO Tracks is first and foremost made for your ears, we have “Colours In The Sky” right here as a free limited download for you!

Miami Horror "Colours In The Sky (Feat. Cleopold)"

You recently released your new single “Colours In The Sky'” & “Real Slow” as a 7“ vinyl on the Neon Gold label. You also shot a fantastic video for “Real Slow” which really complements the song. Judging by the music videos that you have made up to now, you definitely get the impression that the visual aspect in your work is also very important. Was this a conscious thing from the outset or did it just happen?
Yes, I've always been a fan of tying visuals into the music and I generally don't like 'band' or performance videos because they take away from the magic. We've tried many times to work with directors but often you just have to let them do their own thing or else it is hard for them to be passionate. This was one of the first clips where I could work very closely with the director and am proud to be a part of the end product. We also got to take advantage of the fact that we lived in L.A. and the scenery around us.

For your sophomore LP, you chose to swap the regular studio atmosphere for a log cabin, somewhere in the jungle, at the hottest time of the year. Was it your intention to capture a tropical feeling on this LP?
Definitely no tropical feeling intended, we just like to get away and have no chance to procrastinate. It often results in a lot happening within a short period. During this album's writing we've been both to a lakeside log cabin in the Californian mountains and also the rainforest cabin in Australia. It helped keep us inspired as well.

Please name two of your favorite places in Los Angeles and what it is that makes them special?
Its really hard to pick just two. I just like the overall variety of L.A., it is like five cities in one. There's probably more variance between the people in Venice and Silver Lake than there is in Austin and Houston.

How has your sound developed over the years?
We've learned a lot about song writing, classic songs and just writing from the heart more than the brain. I used to have a full vision of a song before i made it, this time around we've worked together to develop ideas as we go a bit more. Then produce them at the end instead of focusing primarily on production and sounds.

What else can we expect from you in 2014? Any tour dates?
We'll book in some tours once the album is 100% locked down. So you might see us around the later half of the year!


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