22.05.2014 | HUGO TRACKS


This edition of HUGO Tracks is something very special. We are venturing into new realms and diving into a slightly different musical environment. If you like surprises and discovering other music genres, then you will like the three tracks we're presenting this week. Catch one of these limited free downloads!

Movement “5:57”
The up-and-coming Australian trio Movement, made up of Jesse James Ward, Lewis Wade and Sean Walker, is at home in the fields of R’n’B as well as dance, downbeat and dubstep beats. After hiding in the musical underground since their foundation in 2011, they recently came up with their self-titled debut EP on Modular Recordings. The tracks, composed in a small bedroom in Sydney’s suburbs and enhanced by Canadian producer Illangelo, catch listeners with their lucid, spacious sounds. Later this year, we will have the opportunity to explore more of their unique music and are already looking forward to their planned LP. Their song “5:57” caught our attention in particular, with its extravagant combination of clashing styles. Take a few minutes to discover Movement’s unique sound.

TEEN “Tied Up Tied Down”
Our second band for this edition is very different from our usual selections. The three Sisters Kristina, Katherine and Lizzie Liberson, joined by fourth member Boshra AlSaadi, are TEEN, an American alternative rock and indie band. The four New York women won us over with their latest album, “The Way And Color”, released on Carpark Records, and we would like to make a quick excursion into their music genre. TEEN’s music, swaying between electro-rock, indie-pop and soulful R’n’B tunes, swapped a traditional guitar for a purring synthesizer, revealing new musical paths. The edgy and contemporary sound with its rhythm breaks is reason enough for us to present it to you on HUGO Tracks. The track “Tied Up Tied Down”, available for free download, is only one highlight from their album and is a great example of the band’s unique music.

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TEEN © Shawn Brackbill

Starwalker “Bad Weather (Bloodgroup Remix)”
What happens if two electropop icons start to work together, can be described by the example of Starwalker. None other than France's Jean-Benoit Dunckel and the Icelandic Bardi Johannsson decided to begin a new collaboration and to pool their ingenious ideas. The result is the album “Losers Can Win”, out on Prototyp Records, enchanting the audience with smooth, dreamy and spatial tunes. The track “Bad Weather”, quite a melancholy and relaxed track, also impressed Bloodgroup, an Icelandic band based in Reykjavik. The group kept the creative energy going and created a fresh and exciting version of the track. Feel free to explore the sound!


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