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Martin Kaymer’s golf tipsTee off!

Martin Kaymer originally wanted to become a professional soccer player, but fortunately changed his mind. His love of the green stuff remained however. At just 28, Kaymer is ranked among the top golfers in the world. As the new face of BOSS Green, he embodies the perfect balance of performance, tradition and modern sporting elegance - properties that are inherent in the sport and reflected in the BOSS Green collection. Our suggestion – next time you are at a golf tournament or feel like adding to your wardrobe from the new BOSS Green sportswear line, keep a look out for the BOSS Mobile Store, our truck that will be on site at all major golfing events. In case you don’t have the opportunity in the near future to go to a tournament and see Martin Kaymer live in action, check out the following videos:

Style and confidence on the course: for anyone who still needs to work on their handicap, check out the elite athlete demonstrating some important shots.

How to: Hit a Fade
The safe bet: The "Fade" is one of the most popular and safest strokes in golf. But only if you know how to do it.
1. The tee is placed slightly lower than usual
2. The axis of the feet, hips and shoulders aligns slightly to the left of the target.
3. Hit the ball off-center with the heel of the club.

How to: Play Chip and Run
A stroke that both pros and amateurs enjoy. The good news: it requires almost the same movement as when putting.
1. Position the body close to the ball so that the club is slightly more upright.
2. Stand with feet close together, the stance is a little narrower.
3. The weight is about 70 percent stronger on the left foot.
4. The hands grip slightly in front of the ball.

How to: Hit a Lob Shot
A short stroke with high arc: The "Lob Shot" requires a subtle touch. To nail it:
1. Open the clubface wide.
2. Line up slightly to the left.
3. Swing alongside your feet


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