11.10.2013 | Arts

Talents to Watch HUGO BOSS ASIA ART Award

Everyday life and the searing pace of development in the city, are brought to life through the photographs of art duo Birdhead from Shanghai.

Hsu Chia
Taipei resident Hsu Chia’s video installations approach the themes of memory, imagination and identity.

Hu Xiangqian
Live performances, physically expressive and highly self-reflective describes the artistic creations of Beijing artist Hu Xiangqian.

Kwan Sheung Chi
Hong Kong concept artist Kwan Sheung Chi uses a plethora of media as references. With as much humor as poetry, he focuses in particular on the art world itself and his position as an artist as well as the possibility of alternative value systems and utopias.

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Lee Kit: How to set up an apartment for Johnny

Lee Kit
As a counterpoint to the thunderous pace of life in Taipei, artist Lee Kit prefers to focus on the slower, less productive times in our lives. He has become known for the hand painted clothes he puts to use in various ways.

Li Liao
Li Liao lives in Shenzen, the center of China's garment industry. His themes are the everyday absurdities of life.

Li Wei
Born in Beijing, Li Wei is the only female artist among the finalists. Her work includes mainly sculptures and installations that deal with themes of memory and collective memory in complex ways.


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