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Bookmarked Coffee table books

Be it a decorative statement on the coffee table, a charming addition to the bookshelf or a stylish gift – coffee table books are inspirational all-rounders capturing elaborate images and words on high-quality paper. 

Once in a Lifetime – Travel and Leisure Redefined
The world has become smaller. Today, travel is simple, affordable and no longer a true luxury. But wait! Extraordinary destinations and unique experiences do still exist – regardless of whether the travel budget is small or large. And where? In the book “Once in a Lifetime – Travel and Leisure Redefined”, published in March by Gestalten Verlag, and where French journalist Marie Le Fort presents her own personal favourites for unforgettable travel moments. Be it far away or close to home, the book containing 256 full-color pages is all about places that allow us to discover the world and ourselves anew – a conscious choice for the quality and slowing down of our hectic lives.

Andreas Mühe - ABC
“It has to look as though you’re walking past an open door...quickly peek inside, and the scene that’s taking place there gets stuck in your mind” explains Andreas Mühe about the effect he hopes his pictures will have. The Berlin-based photographer takes analogue photographs using a large-format camera. Be it people or landscapes - his pictures are always surrounded by an aura of artificiality and unreality, exuding a sense of gloom and even menace. “I play with the dimensions of space and time and show the individual in context” says Mühe. In his unconventional and multiple award-winning works, nothing is left to chance: deliberately staged picture compositions and precise lighting have become his trademarks. The book, published by Distanz Verlag Berlin, is the first comprehensive monograph about Andreas Mühe’s art.

36 Hours
Those wishing to travel through America are not only faced with vast expanses of land - from glittering cities and eccentric small towns to beautiful mountains and plains - but also an enviable dilemma: how to get as much out of a short holiday or day trip as possible? The charming travel guide “36 hours” published by Taschen Verlag offers just that.


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