07.02.2014 | Fashion


The new spring fashion is exciting. The harmonious blend of opposites is omnipresent in the new collections. Surrealism is the name of the game in BOSS Womenswear, achieved through a skilful material mix. Sharp colour contrasts, shiny and matt surfaces, flowing and geometric silhouettes combine, transparent materials appear and fade away at the same time. Leisure wear and evening wear come together in a combination of stunning silk fabrics and casual styles. Equally as exciting, BOSS Menswear features a reinterpretation of the classic safari style. The African continent with its powerful colours provides a strong new impetus for the stylish menswear collection. The suits are even more comfortable, yet retain their form with the shirt and tie.

Sharp silhouettes and expressive contrasts, however, are the leitmotif of the HUGO Menswear collection. The highlights are a red suit and a white biker jeans. Camouflage prints bring out the main masculine accents. HUGO Womenswear plays with the nature of surfaces and the contradiction of materials. Smoothly falling shapes and asymmetries break up the clean look.

In contrast, the BOSS Orange Womenswear collection revels in folk inspiration and features feminine styles with bright colours, floral patterns and lots of lace. Ethnic prints lend a casual touch to blazers and coats, while embroidered flowers give a black leather biker jacket a softer look. The BOSS Orange Menswear focuses on rocking styles with a rebellious attire. Here animal prints and rock and roll motifs, reinterpreted retro designs, hand embroidery, heavy metal zippers and rivets pop up. Denim also plays an important role this spring – updated with new washes and coatings.

Technical refinements, however, determine the design of the BOSS Green collection. The focus is on innovative materials and new manufacturing technologies which guarantee maximum comfort and still provide for a cutting-edge look. Eye catching colours, such as bright sky blue and cherry red, give classic styling new accents.

Immerse yourself in a versatile and inspiring season!


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