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At some point everyone needs one: the perfect suit. And that can sometimes be a tricky business: how should a suit sit? What kind of shirt to wear with a tuxedo? Where should the tip of the tie end, and how to successfully position a pocket square? Knowing the answers to these questions shows competence and signals a certain style confidence. For HUGO BOSS the smart man's wardrobe is the pinnacle of achievement – as a suit specialist for decades, the brand has developed a keen sense of the contemporary way to wear a suit, which rules are to be observed and where individual leeway is appropriate.

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With the title "The Anatomy of the Perfect Suit" the style guide now runs to six chapters on the subject of the suit up close and brings light where there was once darkness. Available for easy consultation at any time through the iPad app the modern reference book presents and helps with the correct choice of suit for any occasion - from business wear to casual through to evening wear. Thanks to the multi-facetted viewing options and a consciously fashionable perspective, the Suit Style Guide presents not just classic suit etiquette, but also clever ways to show off your individual style. Because to achieve perfection, you sometimes need to break the rules!

Incidentally, when the dress code states "Black Tie" - you need a tuxedo. Find out how to personalise your Black Tie look by downloading the iPad app.

The complete set of insights is available via the iPad app, and the best styles at your local BOSS Store!


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