05.02.2014 | HUGO TRACKS


Four fantastic new HUGO Tracks from the minds of Miami Horror, Snakadaktal, Alessio Pagliaroli and Rory Phillips.

Snakadaktal “Fall Underneath (Hayden James Remix)”
Snakadaktal is a Melbourne-based dream-pop band, that released their debut LP “Sleep In The Water” late last year. “Fall Underneath” was their second single and proved very popular throughout the blogosphere - surely partly due to its dazzling vocals by singer Phoebe Cockburn. Producer Hayden James from Sydney took these sweet vocals and crafted a catchy slow-tempo electronic track around them and the result is pure bliss. OZ-tonishing!

Rory Phillips “Circuit”
Omnipresence can sometimes be the first step towards a declining popularity for an artist - unless you’re as creative and able to reinvent yourself as London’s Rory Phillips. Besides being one of the city’s most outstanding Djs for many years, Phillips has managed to repeatedly please dancers and fellow Djs around the globe with his original productions and exquisite remixes for such renowned acts as The XX, Gossip or the Scissor Sisters. His latest coup is a great 12-inch single on Mixed Fortunes with its highlight, “Circuit”. Splendid!

Alessio Pagliaroli “Distractions (Frankey & Sandrino Remix)(Feat. Jinadu)”
Our Finnish buddy Klas “Sasse” Lindblad has been running his label Moodmusic for almost two decades now and due to its no-nonsense policy, he has accumulated quite an impressive back catalogue by now. And the newest release, namely the debut single by Alessio Pagliaroli featuring Jinadu entitled “Distractions”, totally lives up to Moodmusic’s great reputation! Stream the Frankey & Sandrino remix of “Distractions” right here.

Miami Horror “Real Slow (Feat. Sarah Chernoff)”
Back to Australia again (although these guys have moved to Los Angeles in the meantime): Former HUGO Artists Miami Horror are back on the scene and they can still do no wrong! Grab their latest beauty “Real Slow” (Feat. Sarah Chernoff) right here as a free download -  it's sure to help you get through the cold months. Keep your eyes peeled for the video.


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