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Welcome to the HUGO BOSS Team! Kevin Magnussen is this year’s bright new star in Formula 1, which kicked off with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on March 16th. Following his win in the 2013 Renault World Series, the 21-year-old Dane is now firmly part of the McLaren Mercedes Team alongside regular driver Jenson Button, for his first season in Formula 1. Expectations are high. His passion for racing began at a very young age – at just two years old, he got behind the wheel of his first cart, and has enthusiastically followed the world of motorsports ever since. “There’s never been a single moment in my life where I haven’t wanted to be a race driver,” Magnussen told HUGO BOSS. And always at his side: his father Jan Magnussen, one-time Formula 1 driver himself and faithful mentor.

The engines are running hot – it’s time for the final preparations: while the cars go through the ultimate oil changes and safety checks, the drivers get ready for the big showdown. And it’s not just on the race track that the drivers cut fine figures: in February this year, team-mates Button and Magnussen took part in a photo shoot to show off the latest BOSS McLaren collection. The McLaren Mercedes team is now “Ready for Success” from both a sports and fashion perspective!

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Despite the intense final phase before the first race, Kevin Magnussen found time for an exclusive interview:

Your father, Jan Magnussen, was also a Formula 1 driver, so you grew up with motorsport. Do you have any special memories of that time?

I was still very young when my father drove in Formula 1, but I still remember a few things - mainly the sensations and impressions of the tremendous noise that constantly surrounded us. I have photos of me in my father's McLaren - that was in 1995, which means I can’t have been more than 3 years old – so I don’t really remember it. But racing has always been important in our family.

The Formula 1 2014 season begins in Melbourne, Australia, and ends on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. Which places are you most looking forward to this season?

Australia. I've never been there, it's my first race and it will be my first Grand Prix. It is the beginning of an incredible adventure for me and I am very excited about what we can achieve with the car. Apart from that I am looking forward to Monaco – it's my favorite track – and to the United States, Brazil and especially Japan. Suzuka looks like a legendary race track.

In what kind of outfit do you generally feel most comfortable: tuxedo, jeans & shirt or in your racing suit?
Personally I prefer the modern, casual look and like to simply wear just jeans, a T-shirt and a hoodie with a jacket over the top. For special occasions I go for a well-cut suit and a good pair of shoes.

The cooperation between McLaren and HUGO BOSS means you will be outfitted with high quality, modern clothes. Are you looking forward to this partnership? Have you already got your eye on a few favorite pieces from the collection?

It is an incredible opportunity to work together with HUGO BOSS. It is obvious that the brand enjoys a fantastic reputation - not just in the fashion world, but also in Formula 1. HUGO BOSS has been a loyal partner to McLaren for 30 years, which in itself is amazing. In the current BOSS Orange collection I've already picked out a few favorite pieces. I especially like the BOSS jeans, a T-shirt and a really nice wool sweater​​. We love this look in Denmark, and I know that HUGO BOSS offers a wide range in this area. There are also some really nice pieces in the BOSS Green collection. I don’t like to look too extreme, so I always look for something that is classic and well cut, and that also lasts forever.

Many thanks for the interview Kevin.
We wish you every success for the season and will be cheering you on enthusiastically!


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