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The young McLaren driver is always available for his fans and was especially happy to answer their questions in Mexico.

Wherever he goes, microphones are held out, cameras brandished and flashlights pop. None of it seems to bother "Checo" Sergio Pérez - on the contrary, the Mexican Formula 1 driver enjoys meeting his fans. He was recently back at home in Mexico and answered their questions.  As the HUGO BOSS Ambassador Pérez was the special guest at a BOSS Store Event in Mexico City and good-naturedly answered questions from the press and invited guests. HUGO BOSS Facebook Fans also answered the call to post their personal questions, which were put to the driver live during the event. The complete live recording of the interview can be seen here.

We have compiled the best questions and answers of the Meet & Greet and transcribed them. Here we go:

The first question comes from Alejandra. She wants to know what track you first raced on and what it felt like?
I'm from Guadalajara in western Mexico. When I was six years old, a car race was held here in a shopping center where I took part in. Since my older brother raced himself, I wasn’t worried about getting into a go-kart. Also, my kart had a large padded seat that was so comfortable I did not want to stop driving. I remember the owner asking me to stop several times and to finally finish up. But I still drove at least another 10 or 15 laps because it was such fun. That’s where it all began for me.

And what made you finally pull in?
I remember my father getting annoyed and telling me I should return the go-kart.

Carlos Eduardo would like to know: Sergio, do you dream of a Formula 1 title?
Of course! It’s my biggest wish in Formula 1. It’s the goal I have in mind.

And what was your first step towards glory? asks Zectaa Fresh
Certainly, the decision to enter into racing and later to join Formula 1.

Fredo is interested in what gives you the most pleasure when you sit in your race car? Is there a difference for you between training, qualifying and racing?
It really is different every time. The training is there to be able to prepare yourself for qualifying and the race. Qualifying, however, is one of the most important times of the weekend. And then, of course, comes the big race itself – the most important time of the entire weekend. 

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Liss writes: Sergio, you come from a family that has dedicated itself fully to racing. If you have children of your own some time, would you want them to also find their calling in motor sport?
The motor sport is a difficult industry. Notching up a victory requires a lot of effort. Should my children become inspired and develop a passion for this sport, then of course I would do everything I could to support them. But I would also point out to them that it is an uphill battle. No gain without pain, without effort no triumph. The most important thing is that they have the desire and the belief that one day they can become a world champion.

Many of your fans admire your style and think you look great not just in racing gear. Rodrigo asks you what you most enjoy about the HUGO BOSS collection.
I like HUGO BOSS a lot and I'm mainly drawn by the elegant suits. I often wear a suit at evening events and find the BOSS outfits very fashionable and comfortable. It’s not hard to dress well with HUGO BOSS.

Cual Serrano says that you cut a fine figure and that you make a great brand ambassador, and above all a proud Mexican.

Jazmin is of the same opinion and asks: Sergio, you’ve been in front of the camera along with team mate Jenson Button for the BOSS McLaren collection – was there a favorite piece of clothing?
My absolute highlight of the collection is the black leather jacket made of lamb’s leather. It just looks cool, and has a very sporty classic biker style with great motor sport details.

And Yess finished off with: I don’t have any questions for Sergio, but great respect for his effort and career, and I admire his perseverance and work. And the suit you’re wearing is really fantastic!
How kind! That makes me happy!

Thank you for talking to Sergio!
It was a pleasure. It was fun!


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