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READY, SET, GO!Formula 1 legends

Rarely has a photographer been able to get as close to the drivers and their cars as motor sport enthusiast Werner Eisele. In “Formula 1 legends” the Stuttgart born photographer’s images of famous drivers like Emerson Fittibaldi, Jacky Ickx or Gilles Villeneuve show the story of Formula One over four decades. Eisele traveled the world, hardly ever missing a race in order to capture spectacular moments full of excitement, tragedy and style. His picture book captures the charm of imperfection, and, with its informative insights and quotations, pays homage to a time when racing was much more of an adventure.

“The Formula One of then compared to now is like black and white, night and day, like another world. In essence, back then we were amateurs, who had the freedom to enjoy doing something pretty dangerous.” (Jacky Ickx: star Belgian racing driver)

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Photo: © Werner Eisele / Collection Rolf Heyne

In addition to a personal introduction by ex world champion Jacky Ickx, the book offers exciting and amusing glimpses into the history of the Grand Prix - fast cars, cool guys  and high society at the edge of the track. From the very first pages we are immersed in the golden age of motor sports of the 60s and 70s, when the exploits of the drivers turned them into veritable super heroes, and every race trod the fine line between mortal danger and lasting glory. Eisele’s photographic life’s work is an absolute must for all current and future lovers of motor sport.

We met with the photographer and car enthusiast and spoke with him about his experience of over 40 years of Formula One. 


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