14.04.2014 | Fashion

On the Move Looks for modern nomads

HUGO celebrates the independent lifestyle of the modern nomad with its new Spring/Summer Collection featuring rough, functional styles. The new spring/summer collection of HUGO Menswear is driven by the pace of big cities and inspired by the urban lifestyle of the modern cosmopolitan. The style is always a statement and an expression of an independent spirit, requiring both design and high functionality and comfort.

With the modern nomad as its muse, HUGO has created a look that works just as well wherever in the world the wearer may be, using new materials, fashionable prints, asymmetrical cuts and a variation of style volumes. New to the collection are soft nylon jackets that feauture elements of outerwear and digital camouflage prints, which are reinterpreted in modern parkas, shirts, T-shirts and even V-neck sweaters. A rough bomber jacket and an oversized zipper play with rebellious influences. Pants made of wool and nylon get an oversized look and feature military traits. Details such as straps and belts on trench coats, biker jackets and shirts run through the entire collection. The base color palette is largely black, gray and beige with red and cool blue tones used to add accents. Key pieces include a sporty sneaker made from printed fabric with neoprene details to bring the casual look to perfection.


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