06.05.2014 | HUGO TRACKS


HUGO Tracks is back with a feast for the ears. Four artists, four great house tracks and, as usual, we are offering all four for free download. But be quick, there is only a limited number of downloads available.

Tim Paris “Rain (Feat. Coco Solid) (Pilooski Remix)

Originally from Marseille, spending his early career in the clubs of Paris and now based in the capital of the UK, London - another hotspot of art and music. Tim Paris, DJ, producer and founder of the label Marketing Music, has made a name for himself in the world of electronic house and dance music. His collaboration with longtime friend Ivan Smagghe as “It’s A Fine Line” in particular has brought him a lot of attention. Paris has a very unique musical position somewhere between very smooth Sunday morning sounds and techy Saturday night beats. His track “Rain” from the album of the same name, released on My Favourite Robot Records, is a clubby and spacey electro-pop song, featuring Coco Solid, a versatile New Zealand musician and writer in the areas of hip-hop, electronica and disco music. The track was remixed by legendary French DJ Cédric Marszewski, aka Pilooski, who created an experimental, dark but at the same time catchy track. Don’t miss it!

Mark E “Being Hiding
Mark Evetts, or Mark E, who is no stranger to you if you’ve been following HUGO Tracks for a while now, made his first forays into the music scene in Wolverhampton. This was back when the rave culture was just beginning to flood England. He now lives in the middle of England- Birmingham, to be exact - where he has also founded his own label MERC Music. Evetts is inspired by house legends such as John Kelly and Frankie Knuckles, and inevitably this is noticeable in his sound. Nevertheless, Mark E’s music is deliberately simple, natural and classic and can be described as industrial house with slight warm disco sounds. His second single “Being Hiding” is from the album “Product of Industry”, recently released on Ghostly International, and surprises with nu-soul elements and Bingjiling’s (known for his projects Phenomenal Hand Clap Band and Paqua) perfectly matching voice. The smooth and sunny deep-house track is a catchy tune that you might not be able to get out of your head.

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Brandt Brauer Frick © Hans Martin Sewcz

Brandt Brauer Frick “Hugo (DJ Kicks)
Daniel Brandt, Jan Brauer and Paul Frick are three techno and minimal music artists who founded their eponymous project Brandt Brauer Frick in Berlin back in 2008. The aim of the combo is to merge groovy electronic dance music with new classical elements by recording traditional instruments and modifying them electronically. Since the band signed with the label !K7, they have been working with other musicians as “Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble”. In this line-up, they have treated music lovers to live performances at festivals like Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and Glastonbury Festival. The track “Hugo”- we have to admit that the name of the track gives us an extra reason to present it to you - from their DJ-Kicks remix compilation has garnered them a lot of attention as the video is based on 15,000 photos, taken by the trio themselves with their smartphones over the last two years. The track is a prime example of their style of music. Take some time to have a listen.

Ovrkl “Ghost Hnds
Ovrkl, pronounced Overkill, is a young producer from Moscow, Russia who has created an aura of mystery around himself. With “NYC’s Sadness” he released his first two track EP on Car Crash Set after having left his previous label Vecherinka. Nevertheless, Ovrkl also has his own free label, the Russian Santon Records. His spectral and dark yet dreamy and catchy track “Ghost Hnds” seems to be symbolic of Ovrkl’s musical personality and shows that the artist likes to mix styles that break out of the frame. The song is surrounded by one relatively monotonous, but at the same time exciting base, which gives the title an eerie atmosphere that draws the listener in.


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