10.06.2014 | HUGO TRACKS


Today’s HUGO Tracks lean towards the darker, nearly apocalyptic side of dance music. All four of the tracks we have selected as free downloads for today have that sombre mood in common. But all of them also have their own take on it, be it more vocal or synthesizer driven.

Hugo "Fall"
Let’s start with Swiss singer and producer Hugo – not only because of the homonymy, but also because his skillful mix of tender vocals and dark electronic elements serves as a perfect starting point. Our free download is taken from his four track debut EP, confusingly entitled “I Am Not Hugo”. Well, whoever he is, he writes magnificent songs and has impeccable production skills to boot.

DC Salas "Chat Pitre"
Producer DC Salas comes from Brussels, Belgium where he has been cultivating his own breed of moody tech house ever since the release of his first EP, “Peru”. His productions are always spiced with sprinkles of acid synthesizers and it is this dark and weird style that makes our free download “Chat Pitre” so irresistible. The track is taken from the EP “No Future”, recently released on Headman’s label Relish Recordings.

GusGus "Crossfade (Michael Mayer Mix)"
Iceland’s GusGus have been a household name of the electronic music scene for nearly two decades. For five years, they have been signed to another household name of the electronic music scene – legendary German record label Kompakt. Their rather poppy single “Crossfade” received a remix treatment from one of Kompakt’s key figures, Michael Mayer, who transformed it into a deep and dark behemoth.

Whitesquare "Klum"
The last track for today comes from Italian up and coming house kid Whitesquare who, since 2012, has already put out releases on such renowned labels as Skint, Noir and Ministry Of Sound. His latest EP, “Lost”, was released by German label Toy Tonics, a subdivision of Gomma, specialised in futuristic deep house. But the hard hitting bass of our free download, “Klum”, hints at that future being rather gritty.


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