06.03.2014 | HUGO TRACKS


We have another appealing quartet of new HUGO Tracks for you as a limited free download, from upcoming acts like Mohear, Femme En Fourrure, Sabota and Flowers & Sea Creatures.

Mohear “Gadgets (Sportloto Acid Gadgets Mix)”
Although you can clearly hear that this electro-disco-rock combo is inspired by Italo, Mohear are actually from Germany. The band’s cool vocals come from Belgium-born Miss Sophie. Her lyrics for “Gadgets”, which are rather critical of today’s digital society, perfectly complement the percussion-heavy and acid-trippy-appearing foundation, which Russian producer Sportloto created for his remix. Who knew you could hold a mirror up to people - whilst making them dance - in such a charming way?

Femme En Fourrure “The Beach”
Femme En Fourrure
is an act from Helsinki and they describe what they do as “music made for DJs and catwalks; also: for nightly promenades and oceanside sexin’” - and this description is rather accurate, actually! “The Beach” is a prime example of a fantastic Scandinavian pop song, as it turns various layers of rather moody and melancholic elements into an end product that bursts with beauty and hope, and so pays tribute to the heritage of acts such as The Knife or Fever Ray. If Austrian author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch was still alive, this track would be on his playlist for sure!

Sabota “Stumble”
Starting off with some afro-beat percussion, Vancouver based duo Sabota soon stumbles straight into irresistibly catchy house territory. Despite the fact that they’re from Canada, these two manage to convey the beauty of an eternal summer in their music. This mood is especially thanks to the magnificently dreamy vocals, that are sometimes reminiscent of Metronomy. “Stumble” is taken from Sabota’s self-titled debut album, which was released at the end of February.

Flowers & Sea Creatures “Citadel”
This last track is from Canada as well - not from the east like Sabota though, but from the west.  The duo Flowers & Sea Creatures has been crafting its sombre and cinematic tunes since 2010 and just recently released a new EP entitled “Afternoons & Afterhours” on one of our favorite labels: My Favorite Robot. It is a solemn journey into night, graced with melancholic vocals and a constant increase in energy. We’d definitely love to see this one used as a movie soundtrack.


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