09.10.2013 | Sports

Golf styles with an urban attitude

At first glance, golf courses look pretty similar to parks – unless of course we’re talking skate parks. For the new BOSS Green collection the fashion house from Metzingen made a conscious choice to hold the photo shoot away from the greens of a golf course, and took inspiration instead from the gritty street vibe of a skate park in L.A..

Skaters and locals looked on in astonishment as the team around German professional golfer and BOSS Green ambassador Martin Kaymer, set up their gear to shoot the campaign against the urban backdrop. Innovative functional wear in classic modern patterns and the colors of the BOSS Green collection instead of baggy pants and sneakers made for a sporty atmosphere even without the skateboards. 

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For Martin Kaymer, the hard asphalt gray environment was also an exciting change from the deep green he’s used to, although he joked that it did remind him a little of a sand bunker. For the staging of the campaign, the creative team was able to rely on an experienced crew: the photographers Hunter & Gatti from Barcelona had already been involved with the last BOSS campaign to great success. The duo is known in the fashion world for their high quality advertising campaigns and editorials, but portraits like that of Formula 1 driver and HUGO BOSS ambassador Jenson Button are also part of their extensive repertoire. Instead of the more static look of the previous campaign, the focus this time was on movement and dynamism. The geometric shapes of the skate park and heavy concrete served to highlight the contrast of the sporty look. Only the bright sunshine and close proximity to the deep blue sea posed a bit of a challenge. After all, the shoot was meant to be for the BOSS Green Fall/Winter collection 2013, despite the summer temperatures. 


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