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How to MASTER THE LIGHTModern interpretations of eyewear

Classic avant-garde and relaxed elegance: Three renowned bloggers with individual styles added their own personal touch to the new BOSS eyewear collection for Spring/Summer 2014. The fashion-conscious men photographed themselves with the shades and their everyday outfits for the “MASTER THE LIGHT” campaign. The new and modern eyewear designs complete any look and provide perfect vision and comfort around the clock.

The New Yorker Lougè Delcy travels to the international fashion capitals for his blog DAPPER LOU and represents an urban look with an individual touch. He combines timeless menswear with extravagant items. He takes a classic check blazer and a white shirt and adds unusual items like a gray men's hat, which he discovered at a vintage store in Berlin, a narrow tie with 1960s appeal and retro-style glasses. “The classic look puts a special emphasis on the avant-garde two-tone glasses,” says the creative blogger.

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Cool without looking pretentious – these shades are the essence of relaxed.

Mike is a graphic designer and photographer and Gabriel works in advertising. They have been living and working in Madrid for eight years. They share their relaxed and elegant looks on their blog Cup of Couple. “When we saw the glasses our first thought was that they were totally our style, so it was really easy to incorporate them into our looks,” says Mike, who chose a pair of black sunglasses made of a modern steel material. The sophisticated shades complement his relaxed outfit consisting of a gray flannel blazer, a beige shirt and navy blue slacks. Gabriel likes a pair of vintage look prescription glasses which add a touch of elegance to his casual all-day look of brown blazer, denim shirt and chinos. “For us the most important thing when we have to put together an outfit is that all the pieces fit in. We want to be authentic,” says the young advertising man.


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